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The on-line periodical zEtnaMagazine under the Volcano – was launched on 2 November, 1999. The name is an anagram, based on the name of the city where the magazine is published (Zenta, Serbia-Montenegro) and the subtitle refers to the novel of Malcolm Lowrey. This is a non-profit and independent portal, or magazine, in other words a „digital volcano” that has been functioning as an association since February, 2001. Its main goals are creating contemporary worthy literature and making it popular with the involvement of other art forms through regular and periodic publishing in both electronic and traditional ways and through regular meetings with the audience. It is also regarded as an important perspective for the magazine to lay emphasis on the development of building connections among the authors of different geographical and language regions and to organize professional and multicultural literary programs.

The zEtna has become a field of cooperation among authors as much as among the different cultures and languages. Due to its characteristic feature to function "above the borders" the network system of the editorial office truly surpasses the country border lines. zEtna also serves as a guesthouse for many famous literary magazines. Alongside the local authors the magazine has many writers and poets from other countries, such as Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, even France, The Netherlands and Canada. However, it is slightly misleading for the magazine uses only two languages to chat and exchange ideas, which are Hungarian and Serbian. The magazine also welcomes translations of contemporary literature into Hungarian or Serbian.

Thematic series give the periodical feature for zEtna, just to mention a few but one: Room with a View; The name of the clone is: Balog; and Hugs and kisses, dr. Toth. However, the oldest and perhaps the most significant prose-series (almost an independent periodical among the miscellaneous series) is the three-year-old Makropolis. This four-hand project is focused on connecting the manifold aspects of the Central-Eastern-European regions.

The digital magazine zEtna has more than 6000 hypertext sites, and a 125 catch-word electronic library. There are approximately 40 000 visitors each month.

Last year the magazine also launched its own traditional book-series: The series Helikon of Volcano, which include three books by young authors who started publishing via the net and an anthology by twenty-eight authors. There are many more new books on the way. The multimedia CD which contains two zEtna-series with 123 texts of sixty-seven authors is also available.

White Grass

From the texts of zEtna authors:

Attila Balázs:
Snežana Bukal:
Hide-and-seek in Wertheim Park
Zoltán Danyi:
Stan & Pan
Árpád Nagy Abonyi:
Room with a View